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 We will use this space to post links, photos, sound files, and perhaps clips from shows as we have time.
Del McCoury Interview 1 February 2009.  Jim interviewed Del on his 70th birthday on Bluegrass Cafe.  This was timely since Del was scheduled to perform at The Little Theatre in New Haven 8 February.  Listen to the discussion on the player below...

Red Rooster Party for 9 November 2008 was our Veterans Day salute.  Listen again with the two players above.  The playlist is at this link ---> Veterans Day

Red Rooster Party for 2 November 2008 was another half-show because of a sports preemption, but we packed in some Kenny AND Bettyanne Roberts, Hank Williams, Homer & Jethro, an Eddy Arnold Checkerboard Fun Fest show from 1945, and some historical political songs from the early 20th century in recognition of the election season.  To see the playlist while listening, click on this link --> 2 Nov Playlist

Red Rooster P
arty for 26 October 2008 was shortened to a quick 15 minutes by a UCONN women's soccer game that went into double overtime, but we got a few songs in before celebrating Jim's father's birthday by replaying last year's "Happy Birthday to Jim" from The Bristol Boys, and playing his favorite Carter Family song, "Jealous Hearted Me".  Use the player above to hear it again.  To see the playlist while listening, click on this link --> 26 Oct Playlist

Red Rooster Party for 19 October 2008 celebrated Kenny Roberts, King of the Yodelers, who had his 82nd birthday 14 October.  We replayed an interview with Kenny recorded 29 October 2006, and then had Kenny join us live at the end of the show.  Kenny is one of our favorite singers of all time and a great human being.  Enjoy this delightful interview by using the player above.  The playlist is at this link --> Kenny Roberts Interview

Red Rooster Party for 12 October 2008
was produced by guest DJs Earl Dunton and Jeff Perkins.  Earl and Jeff brought their own music and did a great show.  Each player above is an hour of the show.  The playlist is at this link --> Earl & Jeff

Red Rooster Party for 5 October 2008 was an hour show because of -- you guessed it -- a sports preemption.  We paid tribute to recently departed Nick Reynolds, and featured some children's songs from the early-to-mid 20th century.  You can hear it again with the player above.

Red Rooster Party for 21 September 2008 was only a half hour because of a sports preemption, but we enjoyed the time we had.  You can hear it again with the player above.

Jim Interviewed Eric Gibson of the Gibson Brothers on Bluegrass Cafe, 14 September 2008You can hear it with the player above.